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Sunday, February 25, 2018

15 Signs showed you addicted to social networking

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Prepared by: Entry Tep

1. Regularly check for messages, comments, likes of pictures, videos, status just posted.

2. Start with #Hashtag #About #Everything #Under #The #Sun (hashtag about everything they can think of)

3. Believe that social life has more to do than a real society.

4. Feel sad when no one has commented on your updates on Facebook, Twitter ...

5. Feeling unhappy when photos, videos, and status do not like the likes as expected.

6. Take pictures of your photos shared online.

7. Can not go to the toilet without holding the phone.

8. Access social networks with a few minutes.

9. Always compare yourself to others on the net.

10. Too much attention to increased monitoring on the net.

11. Evaluate others through their social profile.

12. The first job after wake up is to check out social networking.

13. Food pics sharing on social accounts-

14. Repeatedly checking your mobile after posting any photo or post

15. You get surprised when somebody asks you, how was your weekend.?

If you are "infected" with the above signs, it shows that you have or will soon encounter some problems, affecting your body's progress in the negative direction, increasing the feeling of loneliness, lack of sleep and worry.

source: sohoa,funnyclasses

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